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Welcome to Ignatius Farm!

Since 1913, Ignatius Farm has served as the well of sustenance for the Jesuit community in the region. In the last 20 years, Ignatius Farm has evolved to become a model for organic agriculture and the mentoring of organic growers.

imageIgnatius Farm provides fresh, local, organic vegetables and fruits to the broader community through our Community Shared Agriculture program, to restaurants, and through special orders. Located at the northern perimeter of Guelph, Ontario we bridge the urban with rural, and invite our surrounding community to visit and get involved with their local farm. Our 3 acres of Community Garden Plots and our active volunteer program are very popular with those who appreciate working in healthy soil and our beautiful surroundings. Ignatius Farm additionally rents farmland to various small farm businesses.

Connect with Ignatius Farm!

  • Community Shared Agriculture - Seasonal harvest shares of fresh organic produce we grow for you. BUY NOW!
  • Community Garden Plots - Rent a piece of our fertile soil to grow your own food. BUY NOW!
  • Volunteer - Skilled and novice positions in the field and with farm support activities
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